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  Infinity Compounding to Introduce
  INHIBIT Antimicrobial Concentrates
  and Compounds at MD&M East
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  MD&M West
  February 11-13, 2014
  Anaheim Convention Center
  Anaheim, CA · Booth #4187
Infinity Compounding is your partner in engineering thermoplastic compounding with unequaled focus in speed, service and technical expertise. We manufacture and sell custom compounded polymer composites to meet customer specific applications. Our product line includes a broad range of over thirty engineering base resins. Utilizing reinforcements and fillers such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, PTFE, Silicone, minerals and process aids, we create specialty compounds that meet your specific application needs.
Through Infinity Compounding, you can add strength, impact resistance, lubricity, electrical conductivity, flame retardancy or other special effect to your design. Working with ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylons, Acetal, PPA, Polysulfone, Polyethersulfone, PEEK, and other engineering resins, we introduce new compounds with infinite specific features and benefits.
Whether you are in the medical, industrial, business machines, electrical or consumer products markets, Infinity Compounding is the right first call for your material needs.
Our Products

Structurally Reinforced Compounds

Internally Lubricated Compounds

Electrically Active Compounds

Pre-Colored Engineering Resins